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Technical Writing and Design (Hard Copy)

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Technical Writing
  • Present an overview of the technical communication profession, So You Wannabe a Technical Writer, a core course in the certificate program for new technical writers, at University of California Santa Cruz, 4 times a year, 1998-present.

  • As Program Chair, assembled 45 presenters for two-day regional conference for Society for Technical Communication, on theme of Modeling Information in Electronic Space, Albuquerque, NM, October 2000.

  • Co-authored book for developers of databases, Special Edition: Using FileMaker Pro 5, from Que, with Rich Coulombre, 2000.

  • Elevated to Associate Fellow, Society for Technical Communication, 1999.

  • Taught workshops on the design of effective step-by-step procedures and usability testing, for Solutions Clinic, Boston, MA, 1998, Phoenix, AZ, February, 1999.

  • Given Distinguished Chapter Service award, Society for Technical Communication, from Student Chapter, New Mexico Tech, 1999.

  • Co-authored user guide explaining how to use digital cameras, scanners, and color printers: Fun with Digital Imaging: The Official Hewlett-Packard Guide, with Lisa Price, from HP and IDG Books, 1999.

  • Co-authored consumer book on getting the most out of the operating system: Windows 95 for Kids and Parents with Lisa Price, IDG Books, 1998.

  • Co-authored step-by-step instructions for consumers using Microsoft Works, Microsoft Network, Internet Explorer, and other bundled programs: Discover Microsoft Home Essentials with Lisa Price, IDG Books. 1997.

  • Planned and co-wrote minimalist tutorial: Self-Study Guide to Symantec's Norton Utilities, with Dr. Dan Dunne, 1997.

  • Wrote book for consumers, explaining how to use a major online service, The Trail Guide to America Online, Addison-Wesley, 1994. (Won awards from STC New Mexico Kachina Chapter competition, Best of Show; Oklahoma Chapter; International STC Convention, Distinguished Technical Communication). 

  • Designed, project-managed, and co-wrote book-length tutorial on ClarisWorks 2.0 for business students using Macintosh computers, for South-Western Publishing, 1994.

  • Co-authored article on FileMaker Pro with Rich Coulombre for MacWorld, April 1994.  Co-authored two books for developers on FileMaker Pro, Addison Wesley, 1993-94.

  • Managed project and co-authored book-length tutorial for business students Using ClarisWorks, from SouthWestern Publishing, 1993.

  • Documented network connectivity for business users of PenPoint-based notebook computers released by I.B.M., A.T.&T., N.C.R., and Grid (1990-1991).

  • Created Quick Tour and Tutorial for Cayenne Systems Document Development Environment (1991).

  • Created tutorial for system operators, Cachet Tutorial for Electronics for Imaging (1991).

  • Co-authored book-length tutorial for business students, Computer Concepts: Microsoft Works Tutorial and Applications, from SouthWestern Publishing, 1990.

  • Led drive for help system, and participated in creation of a template for future help systems for Apple and Claris, 1985-89.

  • Created scripts for marketing speeches by Apple executives introducing Desktop Publishing in Apple Business Forums (1988).

  • Wrote tutorial, installation, manual, and online help for MacWrite II from Claris (1988-1989);co-authored MacWrite II Handbook for Bantam Books (1989).

  • Updated interactive training for AppleWorks/ Network for Claris (1988).

  • Wrote Macintosh manuals for GraphicWorks 1.1 from Mindscape (1988).

  • Wrote and designed manual for MacAccess from Action Technologies, Incorporated (1988).

  • Wrote manual for Connect Service for Connect, Inc. (1988). 

  • Explained how business people can take advantage of desktop publishing, and produce clean layout and page design in trade book: Desktop Publishing with PageMaker co-authored with Carlene Schnabel, Ballantine Books, 1987.

  • Prepared documentation plans and administered 25 writing and training projects budgeted in the range of $40,000 to $350,000 each, with teams of 2-5 writers, for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies (1986-1994).

  • Wrote training disk, reference manual, and tutorial for AppleWorks, Apple's best-selling software, with more than 1,000,000 copies sold (1985-87).  Won Award of Distinguished Technical Communication from STC, Northern California, 1986.

  • Wrote instructional trade book about writing at work, Put That in Writing, Viking Press, 1984.

  • Wrote popular book explaining basics of programming, The Instant Expert's Guide to IBM BASIC, Dell Books, 1984.

  • Gave conceptual overview, instructions, and buying guide to business people interested in word processing, in The Definitive Word Processing Book, with Linda Urban, Viking Press and Penguin Books, 1984.

  • As Senior Technical Writer at Apple (1982-1986), wrote Apple's style guide for writers, published as How To Write a Computer Manual,  by Benjamin/Cummings, 1984 (revised with Henry Korman as How to Communicate Technical Information, 1993).

  • As Apple employee and later as consultant, wrote tutorial and reference manuals on Apple III Spelling Checker (1983), SCSI cabling (1986), SCSI card (1986), AppleLink (1989), MacTerminal (1986), LaserWriter (1986), Apple II System Utilities (1987), AppleLink Personal  Edition (1988), and pre-release version of ClarisWorks (1985-6).

  • Wrote procedure manuals on online inventory and pricing system (6500 different products in each of 1500 supermarkets and department stores), Online Produce Inventory Control System,  and Item Movement Evaluation System for Lucky Stores, Inc. (1981-1982).

Graphic Design

  • Created book design, reorganized, and edited Biz Dev 3.0 by Brad Keywell, American Lawyer Media, 2000-2001.

  • Created book design and database, co-wrote The Best of Online Shopping, with Lisa Price, Ballantine, October, 1999.

  • Created art and co-authored the text of Fun with Digital Imaging: The Official HP Guide, with Lisa Price, from IDG Books, 1999.

  • Did graphic design and created corporate web site for The Communication Circle, at, 1995-2000.

  • Redesigned Kodak manuals for digital camera line, 1998.

  • Redesigned and rewrote 6 manuals, provided style guidelines for future documentation for Pioneer DVD players, 1998.

  • Created new book design for STC books, 1995-1996, issued two books in design, Madelyn Flammia (Ed.) Perspectives on the Profession of Technical Communication and Deborah Andrews (Ed.) International Dimensions of Technical Communication.

  • Consulted on design and content of college catalog, web site, weekly internal newsletter, monthly alumni newsletter, and quarterly research newsletter for New Mexico Tech, 1995-1997.


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