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  • Created new book design for STC books, 1995-1996, issued two books in design, Madelyn Flammia (Ed.) Perspectives on the Profession of Technical Communication and Deborah Andrews (Ed.) International Dimensions of Technical Communication.
  • Consulted on visual design of college catalog, web site, two newsletters, New Mexico Tech, 1995-97.
  • Created interface design for Apple and Claris help systems, 1985-89.
  • Created poster, "How to Write a Manual for Me," Apple Computer, 1982.
  • Lectured on "Conceptual Art," Pleiades Gallery, May 1978.
  • Group show: Museum of Parc Mont Royal. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. July 19, 1977 to September 12, 1977.
  • Group show: Postcards. Librije Beeldende Kunst. Utrecht, Holland. May 28, 1977-June 26, 1977.
  • Group show: Whitney Counterweight. Soho, NY. March, 1977. Catalogue, Rabinovitch and Guerra Gallery, NY, NY.
  • Performed I Ching Performance, James Yu Gallery, March 12, 1977 to April 1, 1977.
  • Performed Edible I Ching, Soho Gallery. February, 1977. Reviewed in Christian Science Monitor, February 14, 1977, Artists Review Art, March, 1977.
  • Interviewed by Lawrence Alloway for "Artists as Critics." The Nation. October 23, 1976, p. 408.
  • Lectured on "Cooperative Galleries," on city radio station, WNYC, Artists in the City, with Doris Freedman, December, 1976-January, 1997; also, on PM-NY show, January, 1976.
  • Painted I Ching on West Side Highway, 18th to 23rd Streets, New York, NY. September, 1976. Show in Westbroadway Gallery, September-October 1976. Reviewed in Art News, September 1976; New York Times, September 21, 1976; Village Voice, October 4, 1976; New York Magazine, October 11, 1976; New York Daily News, October 24, 1976; Artists Review Art, October, 1976. Also: New York Art Yearbook, 1975-1976, ed. Judith Tannenbaum, Noyes Press, NY, 1976. Video documentary, 30 minutes, black and white, by ORTF, Paris.
  • Solo Show: Canvas Photos. Verle II Gallery. Hartford, CT. May-June, 1976.
  • Group Show: Boston Visual Artists’ Union. June 24, 1976 to July 15, 1976.
  • Lectured on "Artists Running Their Own Galleries," Yale School of Art and Architecture, April 1976.
  • Solo Show: Paste Ups. Westbroadway Gallery, NY. March 13, 1976 to April 1, 1976. Reviewed in Siegried and Seaman, Soho, Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1978, 35-39.
  • Group Show: Posters. Henry Hicks Gallery. February 21, 1976 to March 4, 1976.
  • Group Show: Art and Structure in North America. Kensington Arts Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and on tour throughout Canbada. November 1975-November 1978.
  • Collaborative Show: Wall, A Co-operative Artwork. Pleiades Gallery. November 23, 1975- January 10, 1976. Reviewed, Flatbush Life, December 15, 1975; Our Town, January 2, 1976; Arts Magazine, February, 1976; American Artist, February, 1976; Soho Weekly News, March 25, 1976; Women Artists Newsletter, March, 1976; Artists Review Art, March, 1976.
  • Created city-wide Artists’ Day celebrations, June 1975, June 1976, and May 1977, won grants, coordinated 300 artists’ events mostly in Soho, NY, gave speech "Politics of Art," June 12, 1976. Reviewed in Arts, June 1976; N.Y. Times, New York, June 11, 1976; Christian Science Monitor, June 30, 1976; The Nation, July 17, 1976. Interviewed for Iowa Public Radio, July 14, 1976. Appeared discussing the event, Art News Center, Cable J, May 31, June 3, June 10, 1976. Performed I Ching, presented Fire Eating, and read the public’s fortunes artistically, as part of event.
  • Group Show: Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY. January 1975-July 1976.
  • Group show: Grey Art Gallery, New York University, NY. September-November, 1975.
  • Keynote speech on "Humanizing the Art World," Pleiades Gallery, NY, December, 1975.
  • Lectured on "Poetry as a Visual Art," College of New Rochelle, NY. November, 1975.
  • Spoke on "Why Poets and Artists Need Jobs," Westchester (NY) Community Collage, November, 1975.
  • Gave workshop on "Poetry and Art as Therapy," Cornell Medical Center, New York Hospital, White Plains, NY, November, 1975.
  • As President of Westbroadway Gallery, NY, supervised budget of $40,000, plus annual sales of approximately $20,000, hiring director and staff, arranging monthly shows by artist members, adjudicating conflicts, arranging exchange and group shows. 1975-1976.
  • As President of the Association of Artist-Run Galleries, helped develop 27 cooperative galleries in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY, Montreal, Quebec, Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, and Seattle, WA, coordinating joint advertising, national publicity, festivals in summers of 1975-1976, and creating non-profit corporations on behalf of 750 artists. 1974-1979. Reviewed in Newsweek, July 21, 1975; Soho Weekly News, June 26, 1975; The Nation, June 21, 1975; American Artist Newsletter, November, 1974; Art in America Newsletter, November, 1974; Changes, November 1974. Wrote "Co-op of Co-ops," for Artworkers’ News (October 1974); "Can Artists Cooperate?" for Harper’s Magazine (February 1975).
  • Gallery-wide Shows: Westbroadway Gallery, June 1974, June 1975, September 1975, September 1976, June 1977, June 1978.
  • Group Show: Richmond Museum, Norfolk, VA. June, 1974.
  • Reviewed Joseph Beuys show: A Parable of Dialogue. Art News. June, 1974. 50-52.
  • Wrote about signs for Harper’s Magazine. July, 1974. 8.
  • Solo Show: Alphabet in the Spectrum of the Rainbow. Westbroadway Gallery, NY. May 4, 1974 to May 23, 1974.
  • Participant, Avant-Garde Festival, New York, NY. 1972-1977.

I Ching Drawing. World Trade Center. June 19, 1977.

Giant I Ching. Floyd Bennett Field, September 28, 1975.

Poster Banners. Shea Stadium. November 16, 1974.

Box Poems. Grand Central Station. December 9, 1973.

Vinyl Poems. South Street Seaport. October 28, 1972.

  • Group show: Ice Cream Cone. Poetry of the Americas. Uruguay. June, 1970.
  • Solo event: Balloon Poems. Cooper Union. May, 1970.
  • Group show: Visual Poetry, curated by Richard Kostelanetz. Jewish Museum, New York, NY. March, 1970. Reviewed, Hilton Kramer, New York Times, March 21, 1970; New York Magazine, March 22, 1970; Art News, April, 1970. Show traveled to Loeb Student Center, New York University, May 1970. Word Salad Editions in collections of John Cage, Christopher Cerf, David Freeman, Michael Frith, Tony Jones, Val Gunning, Virginia Hoyt, Henry Korn, Richard Kostelanetz, Nam June Paik, Carol Beighley Paraskevas, Grace Schulman, Ronald Strackbein, Strobe Talbott, Mel Wathen.
  • Two-man show: Flophouse Follies, with Joel Katz. Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College. April-May, 1969.


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