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Complete Vita

  • Presented Survey of Web Customer Assistance, and workshop on Writing Customer Assistance for the Web, WinWriters Help Conference, San Diego, March, 2000.

  • Participate in Help4Web, an ongoing effort to create W3C standards for customer assistance on the Web, contributing my own surveys and suggested XML DTDs, 2000.

  • Presented two-day workshop on Design Principles of Online Help, 4 times, University of California Santa Cruz, 1998-2000.

  • Trained 75 professional writers and graduate students in design principles for online help systems, in one-day workshop at Orlando STC Conference, October 4, 1997.
  • Presented workshops on Revising Legacy Documents and Online Help to professional writers at University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, March, 1997.
  • Presented workshop on online help systems, Kachina Chapter, STC, Santa Fe, NM, February 1996.
  • Co-presented "Going Beyond Help" with Francine Hyman, at International meeting of Society for Technical Communication, April 1995.
  • Presented one-day workshop on Online Help to 75 participants of Georgia Chapter of Society of Technical Communication, March 23, 1995, sponsored by national Society for Technical Communication.
  • Advised on development of Help system for university-wide UNIX system, New Mexico Tech, January-August 1995.
  • Presented speech on How Online Help Builders Can Learn from Online Services, New Mexico Chapter, Society for Technical Communication, February 10, 1995.
  • Delivered workshop on Online Help to Georgia Chapter of Society of Technical Communication, March, 1995.
  • Presented two workshops on online help, to documentation managers and writers at Oracle Corp, August, 1994.
  • Created Online Help Styleguide, coached teams of writers developing Help for Windows, Windows NT, Chicago, Macintosh, OS/2, and Power PC platforms, for Personal Computer Products Division, Oracle Corporation. May-September, 1994
  • Coached writing teams developing online help at Cadence Design (1992-1994)
  • Presented workshop on Online Help for national audience of STC, Kansas City, MO. March 24, 1994
  • Presented workshops on online help to groups of experienced technical writers in Boston, San Clemente, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Minneapolis (Seminars in Usable Design, 1992-1993)
  • Presented workshop on developing online help system, Cray Computer, Minneapolis, MN, October 8, 1993.
  • Presented workshop and analysis of current online help systems, Lotus, Cambridge, MA, August, 1993.
  • Presented workshop, consulted on online information development, Sprint, Mclean, VA, August, 1993.
  • Presented workshop, consulted with Cadence Design team on online suite design, Massachusetts Group, August, 1993.
  • Presented speech on Collaboration and Online Help to Silicon Valley chapter of the STC, August, 1993.
  • Presented keynote speech to conference of online help developers from within Hewlett Packard, stressing need for collaboration in creating hypertext environments (1992)
  • Keynote speaker at convention of Hewlett Packard engineers and instructional designers developing online help (April, 1992)
  • Created hypertext online help for pen-based operating system from GO Computer (1990-1991).
  • Created interactive online help for Apple Order System (1990).
  • Created HyperTalk stacks of online help for MacWrite II from Claris, forming the basis for all the subsequent Claris online help (1989).
  • Presented workshop on Hypertext and Online Help, East Bay Chapter, STC, November 2, 1989.
  • Designed and created online help for new version of network and information service, AppleLink, Internal Edition (1989).
  • Developed standards and interface for online help for Apple Computer and Claris Corporation, leading guerilla team to campaign for help systems, creating prototypes for MacDraw II from Apple (1986, not released), which led to the released HyperTalk-based help for MacWrite II (Claris, 1989), and templates for Claris authors to use in subsequent help systems (FileMaker, MacProject, MacDraw, ClarisWorks).
  • Coached teams developing online help for finite-element analysis program, ElmCheck from Fujitsu America (1988), and JumpStart from Epson USA (1987).
  • Outlined strategies for online help at conference at M.I.T., and STC Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA, reprinted in Text, Context, and HyperText, from M.I.T. Press (1988).
  • Lectured about online help at Carnegie Mellon University , Communications Design Center (1988), Stanford University Communications Workshops (1988-1992), University of California Extension, Berkeley (1988), and University of California Extension, Santa Cruz (1988-1991).
  • Reviewed and made suggestions for improvement on hypertext projects such as online help, demonstrations, and tutorials from Cadence, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun (1988-1992)
  • Launched movement within Apple to develop Help system; canvased hypertext systems to use; created working group, developed prototype interfaces, styleguide. 1985-1986.


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