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Jonathan Price

Hypertext Information Systems and Web Sites

Online Help Systems

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Video Art and TV


Complete Vita

  • Wrote 95 news articles on beauty e-commerce for, reused in print ancillaries, Beauty Business News and International Cosmetic News. (2000-2001)

  • Wrote 2 feature articles about shopping on America Online for (subsidiary of IDG), 2000.

  • Wrote two feature-length print articles on beauty Web sites for Beauty Times (London), 1999-2000.

  • Co-authored reportage on more than a thousand web stores, with FAQ: The Best of Online Shopping: The Prices' Guide, with Lisa Price, Ballantine, 1999.

  • Co-authored and edited 34 feature articles for Thunderbeam, a webzine for parents who want to pick the best software for their children at 1996-1997. Won awards and links from C|Net, USA Today, L.A. Times, Pathfinder (Time Warner), CompuServe.
  • Co-authored 7 feature-length articles for Family PC  about health software, interior decorating software, landscaping software, fitness software, cooking software, vacation planning software, and digital photography (published September 1994 through December 1996)
  • Interviewed 24 experts on Macintosh systems, edited interviews for inclusion in Maclopedia, from Hayden Books. (1995).
  • Wrote articles on drama, visual arts, and poetry for magazines such as Art News, Harper’s, Parnassus, Visible Language, and Works (1967-1980)
  • Wrote articles about television and video art for magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Esquire, Harper’s, Art News, TV Guide, and The Nation; articles compiled in Video Visions (New American Library, 1977).
  • Created two seasons (26 half-hour shows) of Video Portraits, an in-depth interview show broadcast on cable TV in southern Connecticut; selected shows shown at The Kitchen, New York, NY (1977-1978).


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