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  • Teach introduction to technical communication, online help, object-oriented approach to documentation, restructuring legacy documents, and XML for the rest of us, at University of California, Santa Cruz, Extension. Excellent evaluations throughout. (1989-2001).
  • In teaching as an Associate Professor at New Mexico Tech from 1994 through 1998, I  created six new courses at the undergraduate level:
    • Online Information Design
    • Introduction to Visual Communication
    • Advanced Visual Communication and Document Design
    • Usability
    • Chance and Necessity (with Lara-Martinez)
    • Theater History
  • Also, I created two new graduate-level courses:
    • Database and Knowledge-Based Systems (with Mazumdar)
    • Using the World Wide Web to Supplement Science Teaching.
  • I also taught four courses adapted to undergraduate instruction:
    • Technical Writing
    • Orientation to Technical Communication as a Profession
    • Rhetoric for Writers
    • Instructional Writing (procedures, tutorials, quick references)
  • In addition, I taught more than a dozen students in Directed Studies, on topics of their choosing, and delivered guest lectures in courses in Computer Science and Technical Communication.
  • Student evaluations consistently very enthusiastic. August 1994-December 1997, Tech; 1982-1998, University of California Extension, Santa Cruz and Berkeley.
  • Directed Technical Communication program with approximately 30 students, and 5 faculty members, started planning development of a new Masters program, set up expanded Corporate Advisory Board, organized Corporate Advisory Board meeting, coordinated support for the computer lab, and coached the student chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. Recruited new professor of Music. Taught informal courses on software; dozens of independent studies for individual students; coached students in Writing Center. New Mexico Tech, 1994-1998.
  • Participated in Thesis Defense Board, David Gillette on hypertext (1995), Mickey Marsee on science popularization (1996) at UNM, with Lynn Beene, Scott Sanders, and Richard Sheehan-Johnson.
  • Taught technical writing, online help, procedures at University of California, Berkeley, Extension (1982-1989).
  • Led workshops on technical writing at Stanford Communications Workshop (1988-1992).
  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in computer documentation, writing for presentation and video in the English Department of U.N.M., as Guest Professor, Fall, 1991; Writing for Visual Presentation, Spring 1993; Hypertext, Spring, 1994.
  • Taught Professional and Technical Communication to undergraduate and graduate students in Computer and Information Science program at University of Phoenix, Albuquerque, NM, 1992-1994.
  • Taught introduction to technical writing to beginning technical writers twice a year at University of California Extension, Berkeley (1982-1991).
  • Gave General Program talk on How to Teach the Next Generation of Technical Communicators, STC International Meeting (IPCC), Santa Clara, CA, May 23, 1990.
  • As Assistant Professor, taught undergraduates and adults in courses on modern drama, short story, non-fiction writing, freshman composition, English Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (1978-1979). Summed up advice from my courses for people writing at work, in Thirty Days to More Powerful Writing, Fawcett, Crown, and Ballantine (1981).
  • As Assistant Professor and Director of the Shakespeare Institute, ran a summer graduate program sponsored by the University of Bridgeport and the American Shakespeare Theater, Stratford, Connecticut. Co-hosted and team-taught with Jack Jorgens, intensive workshops on Shakespeare with lectures, discussions, films, performances, and a scholarly conference (summers, 1974-1978). Administered staff of two, recruited graduate students, campaigned for Shakespeare in high schools of Connecticut, won grant from National Endowment for the Humanities, for "The Classroom as a Stage."
  • Lectured on "Analysis of Drama in Film," Modern Language Association, Chicago, December, 1977.
  • Spoke on "Media Counterpoint: A Method for Analyzing Style in Theater," International Shakespeare Congress, Washington, DC, April 1976.
  • As Assistant Professor, directed Drama Department, taught undergraduate and adult courses in Modern Drama, Shakespeare, business writing, and freshman composition in graduate and undergraduate levels of English Department, New York University (1968-1970).


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