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Edited special issue of Technical Communication on Modeling Information in Electronic Space, February 2001.

Present two-day and three-day workshops on Organizing Information for Web Delivery (an object-oriented approach with XML examples) to groups of technical writers, marketing writers, and UI experts at University of California Santa Cruz (1997-2001), Solutions Technical Writing Clinic (1998), Society for Technical Communication Annual Meeting (1998), Bentley College (MA, 1998, 2000), Informix (CA, 2000), Cisco (CA, 2000). 

Presented two-day workshop on XML for the Rest of Us, UCSC, September 2000.

 Present one-day workshop on Writing for the Web at University of New Mexico (1999), University of California Santa Cruz (online course, 1999. 2000), WinWriters Help Conference (2000), Solutions Technical Writing Conference (1999-2000).

Created 20 digital imaging and printing projects with step-by-step instructions for consumers at Print Central, a Hewlett-Packard site within America Online, as well as the regular Hewlett-Packard site. 2000. 

Created 30 detailed tips on printing, imaging, scanning, choosing paper, and using iron-ons, for HP’s Print Central on America Online. 2000.

Edited and expanded 55 existing print projects from HP’s regular site, moving them to Print Central on America Online. 2000.

Wrote 65 news articles on beauty e-commerce for, reused in print ancillaries, Beauty Business News and International Cosmetic News. (2000-2001)

Wrote instructions and advice on mounting a database on a Web site, as part of book for developers co-authored with Rich Coulombre, Special Edition Using FileMaker Pro 5, from Que (Macmillan). 2000.

Created Web sites for local charitable foundation,, and charitable organization helping the disabled,, as well as their business arm,, 1999-2000. 

Wrote 75 Web tutorials about online auctions (at Amazon, CNet, eBay, Excite, and Ubid) for 1999-2000.

Wrote 12 Web tutorials on using MySimon for, 1999.

Wrote 2 feature articles about shopping on America Online for (subsidiary of IDG), 2000.

Performed analysis of customer assistance on top 100 Web sites, reported at WinWriters Help Conference, San Diego, 2000. 

Participate in Help4Web, an ongoing effort to create W3C standards for customer assistance on the Web, contributing my own surveys and suggested XML DTDs, 2000.

Wrote two feature-length print articles on beauty Web sites for Beauty Times (London), 1999-2000.

Participated in moderated chats with users of Washington Post site, Yahoo, MSN, Fall, 1999.

Co-authored, designed, and produced The Best of Online Shopping, Ballantine, October, 1999.

Presented workshop on Writing for Webzines at Annual Convention of Society for Technical Communication, 1998; Southwest Writers’ Workshop Annual Convention, 1998; Solutions Technical Writing Clinics, 1999, 2000. 

Published hypertext poems. Presented Tao Te Ching, a Web poem based on Lao Tse’s 81-poem sequence, on, 1999. Created Mount Fuji, a Web poem based on Hokusai’s Views of Mount Fuji, in 47 Web pages with art, on, 1998.

Delivered presentation about editing content on Web sites, with Anderson, Campbell, Hindle, and Scasny. February 20, 1998.  STC Region 5 Conference, Fort Worth, TX. Article appeared in IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, 41 (1). March, 1998.

Assembled, edited, and introduced special issue of  IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication on Structuring Complex Interactive Documents. July 1997.  

Consulted on design, created email newsletter template, wrote three dozen articles for webzine and online store for children’s software, toys, and video, called Thunderbeam as a startup, then BrainPlay with its first round of venture capital, and finally, 1996-1999.  Content won recognition from L.A. Times, CNet, Pathfinder, Excite, Parent Soup.

Consulted with Cadence Design consulting group on electronic performance support system being built for intranet site, Fall, 1996

Provided design advice on interface and organization of 1000-page Web site for New Mexico Tech, and Humanities Department home pages, 1995-1997.  Also, worked with 16 undergraduates in creating and refining their Web pages, March-December, 1995. Coached student STC chapter in creating list serve for students of technical communication, Fall, 1997.

Judged 45 Web sites in annual chapter competition, New Mexico STC,1995-1999.

Electronic Information Design

Wrote Outlining Goes Electronic, a scholarly book on hypertext outlining, Ablex, #9 in the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing series.1999.

Presented one-day workshop on An Object-Oriented Approach to Improving Legacy Documents, for three documentation groups at Adobe, Inc. moving material from paper to CD-ROM and secured Intranet, August 10, 1997.

Presented week-long workshop for 100 professional writers and managers, dealing with an object-oriented approach to revising legacy documents in order to create online information systems.  University of California Extension, Santa Cruz. July, 1997.

Led three-day workshop on converting legacy documents to multiple online information systems, PeopleSoft, January 1997.

Lectured on hypertext theory, University of New Mexico, Fall, 1996.

Judged online help and CD-ROM entries in annual chapter competition, New Mexico Kachina Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, 1995-1999.

Advised development team at Zycad on restructuring documentation suite (1800 pages) for online and other re-use, 1995.

Presented plan for National Library of Documentation, an electronic and hardcopy project, to Austin Community College Roundtable on Technical Communication, October 24, 1995.

Reviewed George Landow’s dynatext, Hypertext, with Scott Sanders, for Technical Communication (January 1995).

Delivered speech to national meeting of the Modern Language Association with Scott Sanders, “The Myth of the Reader and Writer in the Hypertext World.” December, 1994.

Presented weeklong set of workshops on creating effective CD-ROMs and Recycling Information from Paper to Web through Seminars in Usable Design, in Bellevue, Washington, August 1994.

Edited and made hypertext out of The Cards of Light, authored by Nancy Riddle, distributed on CD-ROM with The Virtual Playhouse, Hayden Books, 1994.

Participated in designing AppleLink University, an online and very interactive college on America Online, and created online course on Budgeting with AppleWorks for the consumer version of AppleLink (1988), later merged into America Online.


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