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Maclopedia Edited by Carla Rose, with dozens of contributors. This comprehensive, alphabetical encyclopedia covers hundreds of topics of interest to Macintosh users. The unique book/CD approach meets the needs of Macintosh users by helping them find answers to their questions through four different methods of access: a topic-based table of contents; alphabetized body text; fully-permuted index; and text searchable and linked by cross reference on the CD-ROM.

My contribution: interviews with 24 of the folks who have made the Macintosh a landmark in computing history.

  • Sandy Benett: VP of Newtons and the Message Pad.
  • Paul Brainerd: Creator of PageMaker, the software that, combined with Adobe's PostScript and Apple's LaserWriter, launched desktop publishing.
  • Sidnei Brandao: General Manager for Apple Brazil.
  • Frank Casanova: Director of the Advanced Technology Group, an Apple futurist.
  • Bud Colligan: Former head of Apple's marketing to higher education. Head of Macromedia, home of Director, and other software that keeps the Mac alive in the graphics world.
  • Don Crabb: Columnist extraordinaire, and campaigner for Macs at the University of Chicago.
  • Adam Engst: Pioneer in getting us to use the Internet and the World Wide Web, with his Internet Starter Kit for the Mac.
  • Chris Espinosa: Apple employee #8, since he was in high school, working the garage with Steve and Steve, developing documentation and operating systems.
  • Perry Fox: Manager of PowerBook Quality and Reliability, he puts the PowerBooks through their tests.
  • Rochelle Garner: A writer at Regis McKenna's public relations firm when they first publicized the Mac, she has become a freelance journalist critiquing the Mac in computer and business magazines.
  • Loni Hajagos: Markets FrameMaker + SGML, a high-end product for large, text-intensive suites of documentation on Macs, Windows, and UNIX systems.
  • Andy Herzfeld: One of the original creators of the Mac operating systems, a hero among programmers.
  • Guy Kawasaki: The sassiest marketeer, author of The Macintosh Way, and now an Apple Fellow.
  • Dale LaFrenz: Founder of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, the group that created the Oregon Trail for the Apple II, then the Mac, a classic of educational software.
  • Raymond Lau: The creator of the compression software called StuffIt.
  • Jerzy Lewak: Experienced Mac developer, entrepreneur, and creator of the neat word processing program, Nisus Writer.
  • Gene Longo: The Home Learning Manager, whose job is to leverage Apple's educational dominance into additional sales to families.
  • Dave Mark: A programmer who explains the Mac approach in books like The Macintosh C Programming Primer, and Learn HTML on the Macintosh.
  • Regis McKenna: An impresario of Silicon Valley, he wrote the marketing plan for the Mac.
  • Dan Muse: A Mac fan who has been an editor at Family PC, and looks back to the days of the Apple II.
  • Don Norman: Cognitive psychologist and user-interface guru for the Mac, author of The Design of Everyday Things.
  • James Plamondon: A former Mac developer who now works for Microsoft helping cross-platform developers create for both the Mac and Windows.
  • Steve Ruddock: Former PR maven for Claris, the software spinoff that has just renamed itself FileMaker (after he left).
  • Molly Tyson: A longtime Apple employee who helped create the user-friendly approach to documentation and training.

Maclopedia is a comprehensive, alphabetic encyclopedia covering thousands of Macintosh-related topics. This unique book/CD combination allows you to find answers to your questions using four different methods of access -- topic-based table of contents, alphabetized body text, fully permuted index, or the hyperlinked, searchable version of the book on CD-ROM.

  • Greater depth and breadth of information than any other Macintosh book on the market.
  • Thousands of time-saving and problem-solving ideas for Macintosh users of all levels.
  • Solutions to anticipated as well as unexpected problems.
  • Money-saving and sound advice when you're faced with upgrade decisions.
  • Coverage of specific Macintosh models and software applications .

Comments by participants:

  • The editor, Carla Rose, says "The best doggone Mac book what we tried to bring you, and as editor (and author of the business, education, disability solutions, networking, and probably a couple more sections) I think we achieved our goal. Whatever you wanted to know, it's in here -- alphabetically arranged, easy to find, and written in English, not in jargon.
  • Another contributor, Rita F. Lewis ( says this is "A most comprehensive tome on the Mac. I am the author of all of the hardware sections in Maclopedia. Technology changes so fast that it was difficult to keep up, but we tried--up to the last minute before publication to include the latest and greatest."

Paperback and CD-ROM
Published by Macmillan Computer Publishing.
Publication date: July 1996
Dimensions (in inches): 2.30 x 9.95 x 8.02
ISBN: 1568302819

To purchase at a discount, visit's electronic bookstore.  We are proud to be an Associate.

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