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By Jonathan Price and Henry Korman

"This revision of an innovative bestseller teaches methods for writing computer documentation that is simple, clear, interesting, and user friendly. The authors also feature increased coverage of installation instructions and the trend towards quick starts for experienced users."

Technical writers explain how to write printed and online computer documentation that is simple, clear, interesting, and as user-friendly (at least) as the hardware or software it explains. They consider planning the writing project; ways of organizing information; communicating context, multiple options, and results; providing fast tracks for experienced users; integrating on-line help; and other aspects. Includes an extensive and wide ranging bibliography.

--Copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Table of Contents

Part I: Planning
1. The Project Cycle - What You Do at Each Stage
2. Gathering Information
3. Understanding Your Audience and Their Work
4. Learning the Product
5. Planning the Documentation
6. Developing a Schedule and Estimating Costs
7. As You Work

Part II: Writing
8. Openers - Tables of Contents and Introductions
9. Getting Users Started
10. Tutorials
11. Computer-Based Training
12. Procedures
13. Reference Materials
14. Indexes and Glossaries
15. Job Aids or Quick Reference Cards
16. Online Help

Part III:  Revising
17. Getting feedback
18. Rewriting Drafts
19. Refining Your Style
20. Updating a Manual
21. Reviewing Someone Else's Manual


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