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funcover.gif (10232 bytes)Here's how to have a ball creating electronic images for home, office, school, or volunteer work.  Find out why digital imaging has taken off, with digital cameras, scanners, and photo-quality printers you can use with your personal computer.  Browse a portfolio of color-packed projects, and learn how to make your own, no matter what software or hardware you have.

This book, the official Hewlett-Packard guide to digital imaging, shows you a thousand ways you can surprise, delight, and astonish your family, friends, and clients with graphics, photos, and diagrams you might never have thought you could create.  You don't have to use HP products to do these projects; they just hope you'll look favorably on their line of cameras, scanners, and printers, if you happen to be in the market for one. It's a soft sell.  The focus is on what you can do, no matter what tools you have.  Here are some of the places you can play with electronic images, for fun and profit, and the heck of it.

Projects at Home:

  • Celebrating with calendars, cards, and banners
  • Party time
  • Envisioning your garden and yard
  • Hobby-rama
  • Cooking up an image in the kitchen
  • Pet pals
  • Making genealogy graphic
  • Love and romance

Projects at Work and School

  • Showing off your home business
  • Polishing health care
  • Brightening the classroom
  • Marketing your organization

Community Activities

  • Supporting a volunteer organization
  • Helping your local team
  • Exploring your own neighborhood

Preface by Rick Smolan. 384 pages. May, 1999 from IDG and HP.


Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 U.S.

To purchase directly from IDG, visit their online bookstore.

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