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  Learning to Use Microsoft Works A tutorial for high school and college students, taking them through the word processor, database, spreadsheet, then showing how to integrate information from all three modules, and telecommunicate that. The scenario revolves around a fictional video store.  Elaborately annotated illustrations, keycap sequences in the margin, full-color diagrams, and a complete apparatus for teachers such as instructor's manual, study guide, exams, transparencies. IBM PC. South-Western Publishing. 1991. Also packaged in Computer Concepts with Microsoft Works Tutorial and Applications IBM Version, co-authored with Bill Waggoner.  South-Western Educational Publishing. 1991.
MacWrite II Handbook Advice about writing business letters, marketing plans, procedures, form letters, newsletters, resumes, and other business documents, with specific steps using MacWrite II.  Disk with 70 templates. With Henry Korman. Bantam.1989.
Desktop Publishing with PageMaker Design tips for creating professional-looking brochures, newsletters, manuals, and correspondence, followed by step-by-step instructions for using PageMaker to create these documents on the Macintosh or PC.  Fully illustrated. With Carlene Schnabel. Ballatine.1987.
How to Write a Computer Manual Started as How to Write an Apple Manual, this book developed from interviews with more than 50 writers and editors, and defined the user-friendly approach to manuals.  This edition includes examples from many different companies' manuals.  Profusely illustrated.  Benjamin/Cummings. 1984. Translated into Japanese Nikkon Kogyo Publishing. 1990.
Put That in Writing So your boss says, "Great!  Put that in writing!"  Here's the book to coach you on faster memos, more effective letters, persuasive proposals, dramatic speeches, hot-selling form letters and direct mail solicitations, procedures anyone can follow, employee reviews even a shy manager can manage, and resumes that get you a call for an interview.  Viking. 1984.
Instant Expert's Guide to BASIC A quick introduction to BASIC, from nothing to arrays. General Editor: John Dvorak.  Dell. 1984.
The Definitive Word Processing Book An introduction to word processing, published as the world was moving from dedicated hardware systems to flexible software that would run on personal computers.  With Linda Urban. Viking Penguin. 1984.
How to Find Work A step-by-step guide to landing a job, with particular emphasis on re-entering the work force, changing careers, or landing the first job after college, with 300 job descriptions, sample resumes, interview tips, and self-evaluation quizes. New American Library. 1983.
30 Days to More Powerful Writing For non-professionals who want to write better, this book divides the work up into 30 chapters focusing on skills such as getting concrete, drawing parallels, sharpening a contrast, being logical, defining, and summing up.  Fawcett, 1981; Avenel and Crown, 1982.
3 by Ben Jonson A scholarly edition of Volpone and The Alchemist, with the related masque Mercury Vindicated.  New American Library, 1980.
Classic Scenes A collection of short scenes for actors who want to try out a wide range of roles, developing subtext or timing,  handling artificial language and listening, perfecting sense memoryk voice, and breath. Translated or edited from 48 plays from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes through Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Jonson to Fielding and Congreve. New American Library.  1979.
The Best Thing on TV: Commercials A gorilla with a suitcase.  A camera that explodes. Here's a finger-lickin good tour of commercials--the miniature myths that are downright dangerous to make, nearly obscene, violent, star-studded, extravagantly produced, overregulated, and still rated PG. Dozens of storyboards from classics.  Viking and Penguin.1978.
Video Visions: A Medium Discovers Itself A study of the first years of video--when the camera became portable, and people other than TV execs could start making video.  Do-it-yourself TV in business, education, medicine, therapy, community affairs, security, meditation, and art--as these pioneers defined the conventions and possibilities of a new medium.   New American Library. 1977.
Wall Book The complete record of discussions by six artists putting together a collaborative exhibit, focusing on ways in which the group effort was transforming their individual style.  Pleiades Gallery. 1975.
Alphabet in the Spectrum of the Rainbow The catalog of an exhibition of concrete poetry: words beginning with A in yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and purple... and so on through Z. Westbroadway Gallery. 1974.
Life Show Anthology 9 plays from the avant-garde theater of the 1960's, with introductions. Bantam. 1974.
Life Show: How to See Theater in Life and Life in Theater An anatomy of the many media that go together to make a theatrical production, and an extended metaphor comparing our political life with its on-stage mirror. With John Lahr. Viking and Penguin, 1974.  Reprinted, Limelight, 1990.
On Finnegans Wake A lyric essay looping back on itself expatiating the beginning and the ending in a Mobius strip.  Grove Press.1972.
Critics on Robert Lowell Lowell.gif (16884 bytes)An anthology of major critics on Lowell's growth, poetry, and plays.  University of Miami Press. 1972.  (Still in print). Also: Allen and Unwin, London: 1980.


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