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If you are developing a database for other people to use, get advice from an experienced developer on interviewing, planning, developing, troubleshooting, and webifying your database. In Special Edition Using FileMaker Pro 5 Rich Coulombre and Jonathan Price update their classic book on developing databases, pegged to the recent release of FileMaker Pro 5 for Windows, Mac OS, and handheld systems, from FileMaker, Inc.  

Coulombre teaches workshops to developers and creates FileMaker Pro 5 databases for Fortune 500 industries and major national universities; he has won two FileMaker Pro Excellence awards from FileMaker, Inc., for supporting the product in the field, and for developing and delivering outstanding training.  Jonathan Price has written many books on technical subjects, including manuals for Apple, Claris, and FileMaker. Macmillan Computer Publishing, of Indianapolis, IN, publishes the book under its Que imprint.

"This book gives insider guidance for folks who create databases for other people in a department or workgroup within large organizations, or as an enterprise tool for small organizations," says Coulombre. "We've put a lot of emphasis on planning in cooperation with your client, developing a robust Entity Relationship Diagram, and specifying your fields and relationships with care."  Case studies and tips show how the recommendations play out in real-life situations.

"The book walks a developer through everything necessary, from the initial interview with the client to building the files, maintaining referential integrity, guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of your data, building a friendly user interface that users will really use, webifying the database, and making it ubiquitous and mobile."  Other chapters focus on calculations, reporting, scripting, integrating FileMaker Pro 5 with other applications, and exploiting portals. "My favorite chapter title," says Coulombre, "is 'The Joys of Self Joins and Other Interesting Relationships.'"  The CD contains many sample files so developers can study and borrow the techniques described in the book.

Hear what readers have to say:

From Chuck Anderson:

" just today delivered my copy of the new Coulombre/Price book on FileMaker Pro 5.  Rich has done it again!  His "holistic" approach is a very welcome contrast to the mindless step-by-step guides that proliferate. Plus, I enjoy his sidebars that suggest, for example, we write draft
proposals "that even a manager can understand.""

From Paul Bauer:

"It even surpasses his earlier book. The portion on planning is one of the best treatments of general business consulting I have ever read. It is worthy of being an excerpted pamphlet for distribution to all consultants regardless of the "type" of consulting they say they do."

From Dick Dressel:

"I got mine the other day and agree.  These guys really know how to disseminate information in a clear, easy reading manner.  Great job Rich & Jonathan.

From Russ Harris:

"I am really enjoying your book. It explains things so that even I can understand them! It seems that so many other FM books focus on either obvious things that are already in the manual or on arcane tips which are out of context of building good databases."

Paperback - 572 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition, USD $39.99
Que; ISBN: 0789722011

To buy this book at a discount, please visit's electronic bookstore.  We are proud to be an Associate.

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