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  Adding Value through Creative Content
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Internet Content West presentation on Going Beyond $1 a Word, and Syndication

You and Me: Personalizing Technical Content. Get the full slide show.

Special Edition: Using FileMaker Pro 5, co-authored by Jonathan Price and Rich Coulombre, published by Que, a Pearson imprint.

menute12.gif (1014 bytes) Shop! The Best of Online Shopping, The Prices' Guide to Fast and Easy Shopping on the Web, from Ballantine. Shop the Web! Our book answers questions about security, privacy, and bargains in Web stores. Detailed descriptions of the best in 75 categories, in 512 pages, with analysis of quality, pricing, search  mechanisms, photos, wrapping, and delivery.
menute12.gif (1014 bytes) Space out Modeling Information in Electronic Space, a special issue of Technical Communication, edited by Jonathan, for February 2001, from the Society for Technical Communication.
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Fun with Digital Imaging
, the book Lisa and Jonathan wrote about digital photography, scanning, and graphics, from IDG (the Dummies folks) and Hewlett-Packard, is selling fantastically.  Get your copy today!
menute12.gif (1014 bytes) Outline! Jonathan's book Outlining Goes Electronic appears in the scholarly series from the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW), published by Ablex, an imprint of Elsevier.
menute10.gif (1016 bytes) Santa Clara Jonathan gives workshops on Organizing Information for the Web, Internet Prose 101, Web Writing that Works,  Content Management, and XML for the Rest of Us at UCSC, in Santa Clara CA, May and October 2003. The audience:  technical writers, editors, and managers. Email for details.
menute10.gif (1016 bytes) So You Wanna Be a Tech Writer? Sign up for Jonathan's online course for beginners, and folks switching careers: JER 233 Introduction to Technical Writing
Web Poem The early hypertext master, Lao Tse, inspires us with his Web, On the Nature of the Way.


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