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Internet Prose 101
  Internet Prose 101

Writing for Webzines

Testing to Revise

Restructuring Legacy Documents for Multiple Re-Use

Writing Effective Procedures

Adopting an Object Orientation to Improve Documentation

Designing Online Help

So You Wannabe a Technical Writer?

How to write prose for electronic delivery on the Internet or World Wide Web.   Based on extensive user testing and research, we recommend strategies that will make your style more effective on information sites, in email exchanges, and in webzines.

This is a writing workshop.   Through intensive exercises, you will edit, rewrite, and create prose from scratch.  

But this work goes way beyond a course in style. You learn how to prepare links so they will be more useful, how to reduce the confusion in the user's mind, how to make access and navigation flow smoothly through your prose. Because we are writing for the screen, we recommend you bring your laptop.

Topics covered:

  • What a difference the medium makes!
  • Shortening your text
  • Making your text scannable
  • Reducing the user's cognitive burden
  • Making hyperspace safe for your users
  • Inviting interactivity
  • Emailing without tears
  • Overturning the rules to write for webzines

You get a hundred-page handout with guidelines, examples, research excerpts, citations, and bibliography.  See the sample materials available as tips, based on the module on shortening text.


Copyright 1998 Jonathan and Lisa Price, The Communication Circle
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