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Writing Effective Procedures

Internet Prose 101

Writing for Webzines

Testing to Revise

Restructuring Legacy Documents for Multiple Re-Use

Writing Effective Procedures

Adopting an Object Orientation to Improve Documentation

Designing Online Help

So You Wannabe a Technical Writer?


How to write a procedure someone can follow successfully. What procedures are, and what they aren’t. A brief anatomy of a model procedure. Writing the title so users can distinguish this procedure from others like it. When to include an introduction, and when to skip it. How to write an instruction so it works. Explanations—when to put them in, and how to write them. Screenshots—when and where. Developing a coherent group of procedures. Making sure you have distinct tracks for different users. (Half day or one day).

Jonathan Price's background includes coaching help teams from major computer manufacturers in the U.S. and Japan, and working extensively with teams transforming legacy documents into interactive information systems for CD-ROM and the Web. His books on technical writing include How to Write a Computer Manual (Benjamin/Cummings) and How to Communicate Technical Information (with Henry Korman, from Benjamin/Cummings).

We are always glad to customize a workshop for a particular group or setting.  Please call Jonathan at 505 898-4912 to get more details.


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