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The Best of Online Shopping: The Prices' Guide to Fast and Easy Shopping on the Web

Our guide to the fastest, easiest, and wildest stores on the Web. We've picked out the best online shops so you don't have to search through thousands of hits. We answer your questions about the security, privacy, pricing, shipping, and quality when you buy online. From Ballantine, a division of Random House.

Fun with Digital Imaging: The Official HP Guide

Here's how to have a ball creating electronic images for home, office, school, or volunteer work.  Find out why digital imaging has taken off, with digital cameras, scanners, and photo-quality printers you can use with your personal computer.  Browse a portfolio of color-packed projects, and learn how to make your own, no matter what software or hardware you have.

This book, the official Hewlett-Packard guide to digital imaging, shows you a thousand ways you can surprise, delight, and astonish your family, friends, and clients with graphics, photos, and diagrams you might never have thought you could create.  You don't have to use HP products to do these projects; they just hope you'll look favorably on their line of cameras, scanners, and printers, if you happen to be in the market for one. It's a soft sell.  The focus is on what you can do, no matter what tools you have. 

Discover Microsoft Home Essentials 97

This  package features powerful yet fairly friendly programs like Word 97 for word processing; Works for spreadsheets and databases; Internet Explorer and MSN for online access; the Encarta multimedia encyclopedia for reference; Greetings Workshop for creating fancy cards, banners, and certificates; and Microsoft Arcade for computer gaming fun. Our book shows you how to get the most out of this bundle of software.

Windows 95 for Kids and Parents

This book shows teenagers and parents how to make the best use of the operating system that is still the most widely used in home computers.  It is part of the IDG series of books aimed at home users, like their famous Dummies series.



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