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Here are selected web articles I have written.

Online Returns. January 2001. 

Thanksgiving Help is Just a Click Away. November 2000.

Shop the Web for Halloween Tricks, Treats and More October, 2000.

Letís Make a Deal. September, 2000.

Back-to-School Basics. August, 2000.

Gear Up for Fun. July, 2000.

Best Bets Online for Summer Grilling. July, 2000.

Buying Birthday Treats Online. Jun, 2000.

Online Party. June, 2000

Shop Safely Online.  February, 2000.

SoftTrends: The Future in Edutainment., June, 1999.

SoftTrends: It's Not Your Fault., March, 1999.

SoftTrends: Say Goodbye to Windows 3.1., February, 1999.

SoftTrends: Relief for, January, 1999.

SoftTrends: My Wish List., December, 1998.

SoftTrends: Giving Thanks., November, 1998.

SoftTrends: Help for Technology, October, 1998.

SoftTrends: Companies that are Investing in Your Child's Future,, September, 1998.

SoftTrends: How Ready is Your Child’s School for the New Millennium?,, August, 1998.

Soft Trends: Protecting Your Child’s Privacy,, July, 1998.

Soft Trends: Coming Attractions,, June, 1998.

Soft Trends: Is Your Family Ready for Web TV? Thunderbeam. May, 1998.

Soft Trends: Merger Mania. Thunderbeam. April, 1998.

Soft Trends: I Knew It Was Too Good to be True. Thunderbeam. March, 1998.

Soft Trends: Grade-Specific Software. Thunderbeam. February, 1998.

Picasso, Look Out! Thunderbeam. January, 1998.

Behind the Scenes with Crayola. Thunderbeam. January, 1998

Jump to the Winter Olympics. Thunderbeam. January, 1998.

Best Software of 1997. Thunderbeam. December, 1997.

Behind the Scenes with Davidson & Associates. Thunderbeam. December, 1997.

Electronic Classics. Thunderbeam.   December, 1997.

Great Gifts for That Special Teacher. Thunderbeam. December, 1997.

Stocking Stuffer Software. Thunderbeam. November, 1997.

Behind the Humongous Doors.   Thunderbeam. October, 1997.

Scarrrrry Software. Thunderbeam. October, 1997.

Computer Pets on Demand. Thunderbeam. October, 1997.

Is Windows 98 Worth Waiting For? Thunderbeam. September, 1997.

Software Bundles. Thunderbeam. September, 1997.

Back-to-School Essentials. Thunderbeam. August, 1997.

Computer Basics and Beyond. Thunderbeam. August, 1997.

Board Games Go Electronic. Thunderbeam, June, 1997.

Finding the Right Computer Camp. Thunderbeam. May, 1997.

Building a Family Homepage. Thunderbeam. May, 1997.

For Pet Lovers Only. Thunderbeam. May, 1997.

Behind the Scenes with Vividus. Thunderbeam. May, 1997.

Behind the Scenes with Maxis. Thunderbeam. April, 1997.

Adventure Sites on the Web. Thunderbeam. April, 1997.

Cyber Games. Thunderbeam. April, 1997.

Rainy Day Software. Thunderbeam. April, 1997.

Cyber Space. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

Your Child the Artist. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

Cyber Trails. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

The Connected Family. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

Net Day. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

Happy Trails. Thunderbeam. March, 1997.

The Best Family Web Sites. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

Designing Family Web Sites. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

Let’s Get Creative. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

Pre-School Software: First Programs. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

Behind the Scenes with Laura Groppe. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

It’s Her Turn. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

Behind the Scenes on the Oregon Trail. Thunderbeam. February, 1997.

What Do Kids Learn When They Make Electronic Art? Thunderbeam. January, 1997.

Red, White and Blue. Thunderbeam. January, 1997.

Software for the Earth, Naturally. Thunderbeam. January, 1997.


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