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Lisa Price

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For three years, I edited almost 500 feature articles for the

When I do Web editing, I edit or rewrite the articles, prepare art, insert HTML tags, transmit the articles electronically, and troubleshoot the articles as they go up on the site. I constantly update my databases of vendors and PR contacts, develop new writers, preview products, and attend professional conferences, to spot trends.

I have covered topics such as the following:

  • Seasonal software (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah, Easter, 4th of July)
  • Back-to-school software (encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries)
  • Grade-specific software (reading, writing and math for particular grade levels)
  • Toddler-ware (software for kids who may not be able to read or use a mouse yet)
  • Software and hardware to assist children with special needs (voice activated software, pointers, special keyboards, monitors)
  • Websites with resources for parents (communities, home-schooling support, news on how to wire their school for the Internet)
  • Websites with information kids will enjoy (on dinosaurs, gross stuff, frogs, space flight, the Olympics)
  • Behind-the-scenes  (how various software vendors got their start)
  • What kids actually learn when they use edutainment titles (with interviews with learning experts, speech pathologists, teachers and cognitive psychologists)

As part of my job as a web editor, I locate potential writers, including subject-matter experts, negotiate fees within our monthly budget, remind the writers of deadlines, and when I receive the first drafts, reorganize them for web delivery, shortening most paragraphs, inserting headings, and planning art.  I put a lot of effort into training writers who have potential, and I let them know why I want the changes I do, and how to make them.  Over the last four years, I have worked with more than 50 different writers.

Generally, I insert the art and HTML tags, and shepherd the articles through the production process, as they go up on the site.

My editing has been highlighted in Contentious, the online zine for Web writers, and Writer's Digest. has also won awards and applause, in part because of the editorial content, from C|Net, the Los Angeles Times, PathFinder, Parent Soup, and many others.


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