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Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web

 openbook.gif (276 bytes)The Best of Online Shopping

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webo.gif (4064 bytes)Evan I. Schwartz
BDD/Broadway Books
256 pages; hardcover
May, 1997


No, it's not ebonics. 

Schwartz's idea is to explain the economics of marketing a business on the Web.   He sums up his thinking in 9 principles (the titles of 9 chapters), to which we say Amen!

1. The Quantity of People Visiting Your Site is Less Important Than the Quality of Their Experience.

2. Marketers Shouldn't Be on the Web for Exposure, but for Results

3. Consumers Must Be Compensated for Disclosing Data About Themselves

4. Consumers Will Shop Online Only for Information-Rich Products

5. Self-Service Provides for the Highest Level of Customer Comfort

6. "Value-Based Currencies" Enable You to Create Your Own Monetary System

7. Trusted Brand Names Matter Even More on the Web

8. Even the Smallest Business Can Compete in the Web's Global "Marketspace"

9. Agility Rules - Web Sites Must Continually Adapt to the Market

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, says, "These are strategies for capturing attention, adding enormous value to existing businesses, and building all-important customer loyalty.

To buy this book at a discount, or find out more about it, please visit's electronic bookstore.  We are proud to be an Associate.

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