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Opening Digital Markets, 2nd Edition:
Battle Plans and Business Strategies for Internet Commerce

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opendigmkts.jpg (8694 bytes)Walid Mougayar
McGraw-Hill/Commerce Net Press
292 pages; hardcover
January, 1998



This book poses some strategic questions for existing businesses as they move onto the Web:

  • How is the Web going to change the business?
  • How can we find new business opportunities on the Web?
  • How can we make money linking customers and trading partners, matching buyers and sellers?
  • Do we eliminate intermediaries, or become one?
  • How do we have to change what we make and sell?

Mougayar's approach is methodical as well as strategic, with commonsense advice such as "Understand what your customers and partners expect from the Internet," but some interesting twists, such as his argument that Human Resources must take on a new role through the Intranet.  He likes virtual marketplaces--running the bazaar rather than setting up shop inside it--but his book will give you agendas for management off sites, and a lot of issues to consider, if you are building an online store.


To buy this book at a discount, or find out more about it, please visit's electronic bookstore.  We are proud to be an Associate.

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Recommended Titles

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