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Eleven Rules for Surviving and Profiting in the Age of On-Line Business

 openbook.gif (276 bytes)The Best of Online Shopping

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hyperwar.gif (6162 bytes)Bruce Judson and Kate Kelly
Simon and Schuster
256 pages
January, 1998


Not Star Wars, but hypercompetition so intense it seems like war.  Well, maybe not that bad: after all, if your store collapses without a dime of profit, you don't get blaster burns.

But Judson has good advice based on his pioneering work in developing Web stores, from small pool suppliers to giants like Chrysler.  He includes a fair amount of other folks' research, and gives practical tips based on his own experience.  He also suggests ways that the Internet must be built into every operation in the business.


To buy this book at a discount, or find out more about it, please visit's electronic bookstore.  We are proud to be an Associate.

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