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Our latest book explores Web writing from every angle: how to do it, why, and when.  Based on research in readability, usability, attention, and ecommerce, our book gives you detailed, practical guidelines for writing on the Web, and spells out exactly how to create FAQs, Help pages, labels on registration forms, marketing copy, press releases, weblogs, news articles, and even resumes.  Details!

Here are two talks we gave at the International Conference of the Society for Technical Communication:

More on Personalizing Content.

Internet Content West talks on Going Beyond $1 a Word, and Syndication

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Our book answers questions about security, privacy, and bargains in Web stores. Detailed descriptions of the best in 75 categories, in 498 pages, with analysis of quality, pricing, search  mechanisms, photos, wrapping, and delivery. Buy now at!

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Extra! Our survey shows Why Customer Assistance Sucks!

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