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Building Your Home Office. Home Office Computing. September 1996.

Data Under Your Nails. Home Office Computing. August 1996.

Getting Help - Home Repair. Family PC. July 1996.

Team Management. Family PC. May 1996.

PC s on Call. Family PC. April 1996,

What’s for Dinner? Family PC. December 1995.

Homebuyer’s Guide. Family PC. October 1995.

Eating Right. Family PC. July/August 1995.

Super Sports Cards. Family PC. June 1995.

Road Trips: Let your PC be your Travel Guide. Family PC. May 1995.

Landscaper’s Helper. Family PC. April, 1995.

Remodeling Your Home. Family PC. March 1995.

Create Adventures with Multiple Endings. Family PC. January/February 1995.

Family Health Software. Family PC. January/February 1995. Previewed, CBS Morning Show, 11/16/94.

Cookin’ Computer. Family PC. November/December 1994.

Six Techniques to Help You Work like a Database Pro. with Rich Coulombre, MacWorld. April 1994.

Small Business-Big Reach. DeskTopics. Summer 1988.14-16.

Publishing Tips. DeskTopics. Fall 1987. 29-31.


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